BURLINGTON, N.C. — Absolute chaos in and outside of the Alamance County courthouse Monday that ended with the arrest of one of the three murder victims’ family members.

It was during the first appearance for the man charged with killing three people in Burlington.

One of the victim's families couldn't keep quiet as they stared down the alleged killer and ended up getting arrested after a screaming match with officials.

WFMY News 2’s Jessica Winters witnessed it all unfold. She said it was complete pandemonium in the hallway of the courthouse a couple of hours ago as Hyquan Parker, 26, made his first appearance.

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He's charged with three counts of First Degree Murder after Burlington police said he shot three people Sunday night. Deputies had to run to chase down the victim’s family after they cussed and swore in the courtroom, despite Judge Hill’s warning to be quiet.

One of the family members said, “Oh, my god. Oh, my god. Get back, it's called freedom of speech, it's called freedom of speech. She can say what she wants! Stop doing that! Wait a minute, wait a minute, it don't take that much! No! Do you see what happens?”

It all escalated as one of the three victims families was sitting in the front row in court looking directly at Park. The family clapped when it was announced Parker would get no bond. The judge yelled, “This isn’t a sporting event.” Then profanity was used and the family members started walking out of the courtroom saying bad things about not only the alleged killer but also the judge.

*WARNING: Video contains graphic language*

The grand jury is discussing the possibility of the death penalty because this isn't the first time Parker's been charged with murder.

As far as the family member, Josselyn Farrior of Durham was arrested for the disturbance in the hallway outside the courtroom on Contempt of Court charges. The Alamance County Sheriff’s Office said Farrior became disruptive then exited the courtroom. Judge Hill ordered a bayliff to bring her back into court. That’s when the disturbance occurred in the hallway. He gave Farrior 10 days in the Alamance County Jail.  

Josselyn Farrior
Josselyn Farrior arrested
Alamance County Sheriff's Office