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Clear driveways, shake snow off trees before next wave of winter weather

One snowplow driver recommended clearing driveways and shaking out trees and bushes, if possible, before the next storm.

OLYMPIA, Wash. — With temperatures forecasted to remain below freezing for several days, brothers Peter and Ramdeep Singh spent Monday shoveling out their Olympia driveway.

They did the same thing Sunday.

“It will come back again and we’ll just have to keep coming out here,” said Ramdeep, a seventh-grader at Olympia’s Marshall Middle School.

He had different plans for his winter break.

“Probably gaming, chilling in my house,” said Ramdeep.

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David Drewry, owner of Double D Trees, said instead of handling tree trimming calls, he’s popular this week, because he also offers snowplow work clearing driveways and office parking lots.

Drewry suggested clearing driveways of snow as soon as the snow stops falling, especially with sub-freezing temperatures in the forecast.

“If they don’t get the snow off, they’re not going to get in and out,” said Drewry.

As for maintaining your trees in what could be a cold week, Drewry suggested using a broom to shake the snow off branches.

 “It’s pretty easy to do,” said Drewry. “Don’t get yourself in harm’s way.”

He also suggested being careful working beneath large branches weighed down with snow.

It is expected to remain cold on Tuesday and Wednesday with highs in the upper 20s to low 30s across the region. The next round of snow is expected to arrive Wednesday night, according to the National Weather Service. Some areas of Puget Sound, including Olympia, could see 2-3 inches of additional snow out of that system.


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