GREENSBORO, N.C. - WFMY News 2 viewers have shown how big their hearts are with a strong outpouring of support for a man we introduced you to during Wednesday's snow storm.

Phillip Carpenter was outside in the snow asking for money, so his family wouldn't get kicked out of their hotel room in the middle of the storm. Immediately after our interview the phones started ringing with people offering to help.

Within a few hours, Carpenter said a viewer offered him a steady job and others had offered to cover several nights worth of the hotel bill. Some even wrote on Facebook asking if they could have pizzas delivered to the man and his family.

"It was amazing, it really was amazing," Carpenter said. "Because it made me realize that there really is people out here that care that will help. I'm promise I'm going to work hard so I don't let any of these kind folks down."

He also says he knows a lot of other families are in a similar situation and need help also. If you're interested in helping any of them, please contact the Greensboro Interactive Resource Center at 336-332-0824.

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