Jessica looks like she may have caught a swipe by a paint brush across her nose!

Jessica is around a year old and is a domestic short haired baby. Jessica has quite the personality. She enjoys running after toys for a while, but after a bout of playing, she is most content to be your buddy. Jessica is very loving and affectionate. She is pretty happy to sleep with you too. 

So if you find yourself dozing off watching a movie, well here is your best napping and snuggling buddy. 

If you are interested in adopting Jessica and making her your own snuggle baby, please visit our website and fill out their adoption application. If you would like to meet Jessica in person, give us a call at 336-498-6013 and the Animal Awareness Shelter will set up a date for the two of you to fall in love. 

What better way to start a New Year off that to adopt a friend who will play with you, snuggle with you and love you unconditionally?!