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Burlington man gets replacement watch after News 2 investigation

It was a present for his daughter. He purchased insurance just in case. Turns out he needed it. Unfortunately, it didn't help until News 2 started to investigate.

BURLINGTON, N.C. — Greg Baker is a good father. He was proud of his daughter and wanted to buy a nice graduation present. He decided a Fitbit watch would be perfect.

“We bought it as a gift for graduation,” Baker said.

When Baker bought the watch, the salesperson asked if he wanted insurance. At first, Baker declined, but the salesperson talked him into it.

“I asked if it was covered if she fell and cracked it, it was so I got insurance,” Baker said.

It was a $20 investment that Baker did not think he would ever need, but he figured why not. A few months after getting the watch for his daughter, she fell and cracked the screen.

“I think she tripped over the dog and fell,” Baker said.

He contacted the insurance company to find out they would not cover a cracked screen. Baker told the representative the person that sold him the Fitbit said the watch would be covered if the screen were to break.  

Baker then reached out to News 2 to look for answers. We contacted the insurance company and the store that sold him the watch. While the insurance company was slow to respond to our calls, the store quickly called us back. 

A manager at the store responded within a couple of days and said he would investigate the matter. A couple of days later, he called us back and told us to have Baker come back in, and he would let him exchange the watch for a new one.

“Thanks, News 2 for going and getting me a new watch for my daughter. I appreciate it,” Baker said.

So far, there have been no accidents with the new watch. Baker's daughter is a bit more careful around the family dog.