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WFMY News 2 helps Greensboro woman after a contractor shatters her backdoor window and refuses to pay

Maesha Parrish looked forward to sitting in the backyard under her pergola. But after a contractor broke the glass, she wasn't thrilled with replacing her door.


Maesha Parrish and her husband were looking to upgrade their home by building a pergola in the backyard. Parrish hired a contractor to build the pergola and someone else to extend the cement patio in the backyard.

“We hang out here all the time, have dinner, movie time family nights,” Parrish said.

The man she hired to do the concrete work was grading the area by the back patio when a rock shot up from his equipment and cracked the glass in the back door.

“He was like 'Oh my god, I’m going to fix it, I’m sorry, this never happens, it’s my mistake, I will fix it,'” Parrish said.

Parrish reached out to a few vendors for some quotes and then sent them to the contractor. A few weeks passed and Parrish said she called several times, but her calls were never returned. She ended up having to pay for a new door herself.

“Once I got the prices for how much the door cost to fix, he ghosted us,” Parrish said.

At this point, Parrish said it was obvious he had no intention of paying for the door.

“So, then I called News 2,” Parrish said.

We reached out to the contractor, and he agreed to pay Parish back for the door. The only issue is- it would not be all at one time.

He did make an initial goodwill payment of about $200 but that was it. Several months and several calls from us later he has paid Parrish about $700.

“It took about six months but I started to get my money back,” Parrish said.

While it took much longer than it should have, we were able to help Parrish get most of the money she was owed back.

“I’m happy, thank you News 2, you guys are amazing,” Parrish said.

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