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Delivery driver takes package off Winston-Salem woman's porch, believed to be her new phone

Natalie Gordon wishes she would have checked the video went the alarm sounded. The camera showed the driver take the box, but she can't be sure it was her phone.

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Natalie Gordon was starting to get excited. She had purchased a new cell phone and figured it would arrive in the next day or two. Gordon had been tracking the shipment and other items she bought online.

Gordon was at home when a delivery driver dropped off what she now thinks was the phone. The driver set up a small box on the porch and then left. Gordon has a Ring camera but did not notice the driver dropping the package off, so she did not immediately go outside to get it.

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An hour or two later, a pool liner Gordon purchased was dropped off and again Gordon was home but did not see the package delivered. About an hour later, Gordon went outside and picked up the box with the pool liner on the porch.

Gordon didn’t realize until she received a confirmation notice that the phone was delivered that it wasn’t there. She then immediately went to look at her Ring security camera and noticed a delivery driver dropped off the pool liner, but in the process, picked up what she now believes was the box with her phone in it.

“I was like, is he really going to do what I think he’s going to do,” said Gordon. “He picked it up, looked around, and then walked down the stairs.”

Gordon contacts delivery company

Gordon watched the video several times in disbelief. She then called the delivery company that sent the driver to drop off the pool liner. Gordon explained the situation and asked to speak with a supervisor.

The company told Gordon it would investigate the matter and get back to her. Gordon says a week or two later, the delivery company told her the package the driver picked up was actually supposed to be delivered to a neighbor’s house, so he picked it up.

“Why would (he) stop and look both ways before walking down the stairs, it (doesn’t) makes sense,” Gordon said.

The delivery company denied the claim and told Gordon there was nothing else it could do.

“I was mad. I know that was my phone,” Gordon said.

Gordon had tracked the phone delivery and it showed it arrived earlier that day. Gordon supplied the delivery company with tracking information and the video, but it didn’t seem to matter. The company informed Gordon it was closing the case.

News 2 gets involved 

Gordon reached out to News 2 a few days later. We had Gordon provide receipts and send us the video of the delivery driver taking the package.

We contacted the company and asked several questions about the incident. A company spokesperson told us it would conduct a review of the investigation and the incident and take appropriate action.

It took some time, but we were eventually contacted and told the company had spoken with the driver but did not provide any other details. We were told the driver was not disciplined and we were not given any explanation as to what happened with the package that he picked up.

Gordon gets reimbursed for her phone

However, we were also informed the company had decided to reimburse Gordon for the phone cost and was sending her a check.

“Thank you, thank you,” Gordon said.

News 2 has chosen not to identify the delivery company since there is no proof the driver stole the package. The driver was never arrested or charged with a crime.

Gordon still believes that box had her phone inside it, but she is glad we were able to help her get reimbursed for the missing phone.

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