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Delivery of in-home bar hits the rocks, News 2 stirs up some help and gets bar delivered

When Eric Crawford's bar didn't arrive on time, he was worried. He soon learned there was a problem with the delivery.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Eric Crawford and his wife decided to switch out some of the items in their home. Part of the makeover involved the kitchen area.

“We decided to change our furniture in the kitchen, and so instead of getting another dinette set, I thought, let’s get a bar and put some barstools in there,” Crawford said.

He spent a few days looking online before finding a small bar that would fit in their kitchen that was big enough for two barstools. Crawford purchased the bar on Walmart's website and figured it would arrive in a couple of weeks.

A couple of weeks went by, and nothing arrived. Crawford then reached out to the company and was given a new delivery date. The item still did not arrive on time.

“At the time, I did not know (Walmart) used a third-party company to deliver the item if it was not in the store,” Crawford said.

Another week went by, but the box finally arrived on his doorstep.

“I was excited to get it and put it together,” Crawford said.

As he began to put the bar together, he quickly realized that all the pieces weren’t there. He was supposed to get two boxes, but only one had arrived.

“I contact the store, but they were very dismissive - didn’t offer many resolutions,” Crawford said.

He tells News 2, Walmart did offer to provide a refund but said he would have to de-assemble the part of the bar he put together and then take it to a UPS store.

“I order stuff online for convenience and that was not convenient,” Crawford said.

It was about then that Crawford contacted us.

“I see the work you do to get answers for people, and I wanted answers,” Crawford said.

We contacted Walmart and the company that sent the bar. A few days later, Crawford received an email apologizing for the mix-up while providing details. The second box was then mailed and arrived a week later.

“You did exactly what I needed. I can’t thank you enough,” Crawford said.

He has since put the bar together, even adding lights to the front.