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Dental office changes tune, pays medical bills after country music singer falls

Jack True was taking his wife to a dental appointment. A few hours later, he had a broken ankle and a walking boot.

KERNERSVILLE, N.C. — The rain had been coming down most of the morning. Jack True and his wife hopped in the car and headed to a dental appointment. His wife was there for a checkup, and Jack was just tagging along.

The couple walked inside and waited until the dentist was available. While his wife had her appointment, Jack sat in the lobby. About an hour later, the couple was ready to leave as Jack was walking out, he slipped on the floor, hurting his ankle.

“My feet slipped out from under me, I finally got up, and my ankle was hurting me,” True said.

The folks at the dental office were nice enough to help Jack get up and found a place for him to sit down. A short time later, Jack and his wife slowly walked to the car.

“I collapsed. I grabbed the top of the car as I was falling,” True said.

The ankle was starting to swell up a bit and was hurting a lot by now. After a stop at the store to pick up a few personal items, Jack decided he needed to see a doctor. The doctor examined the ankle and took some x-rays.

“They came in and said, Jack, you broke your ankle, and we’re going to give you a new boot,” True said.

They replaced his cowboy boot with a walking boot. The former country music singer was not happy about ditching one of his cowboy boots, but it was necessary.

The ankle took a few months to heal, which meant several visits to the doctor. Not long after the fall, Jack reached out to the dental office to let them know the ankle was broken and asked them to assist with the medical bills.

“They said it was my fault, not theirs,” True said. “They didn’t have a sign up that said slippery floor.”

With every new bill, Jack started to get frustrated that the dental office was not being responsive or helpful. Eventually, he contacted News 2 about the fall and his mounting medical bills.

Jack sent News 2 some information and medical records before reaching out to the dental office. It took some time, but eventually, we spoke with the dentist/manager. They agreed to investigate the case.

A few weeks would pass before Jack received a phone call from the dental office.

“She said, 'I’m going to give you $1,500, how does that sound,'” True said. “I was floored.”

The settlement was a relief and allowed Jack to not worry about the bills and focus on rehabbing his ankle.

“I thank you so much [Mr. Kennedy] for helping me,” True said.

Once a singer, always a singer, True left a jingle thanking us for helping him. It may never top the country music charts or become a hit like a few of his songs, but it’s the first time someone thanked us in song.

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