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Greensboro residents want answers when their mail doesn't arrive for almost two weeks

None of us get excited when a bill arrives in the mail. What's worse is when it doesn't arrive and you end up paying a late fee. Margie Roberson recently found out.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Almost every day except Sunday, Margie Roberson walks down her driveway to the edge of the road and collects the mail. Recently the walk had been a bit frustrating, as no mail was left in the mailbox.

“We have a lot of retirees here so we know when the mail comes and when it should come,” Margie Roberson said.

About 15 homes are on Fairside Drive in Greensboro. Roberson said the mail stopped for about three days before she reached out to the postal service.

We were getting the run-around,” Roberson said. “It was just one excuse after the other.”

After about four days with no mail, delivery neighbors were becoming frustrated, that’s when Roberson reached out to us for answers.

“We thought somebody needs to tell us what’s going on here and I figured you’re very good at it so I appreciate that,” Roberson said.

We contacted the local branch and the main branch and spoke with a couple of people. They told us they would investigate the matter and get back to us. Roberson and the other folks living in the neighborhood were worried about the delay.

"(It was) very frustrating we end up having to pay fees on one of the vehicle tags never got."

It took only a few days before mail delivery was restored to the street. Roberson walked out to the mailbox and found a stack of letters, magazines, and bills.

“We appreciate it very much for helping us,” Roberson said.

The postal service sent us an email explaining the issue.

“Most customers have experienced regular mail delivery. Packages were delivered on time, but some customers may have experienced sporadic delivery of the letter mail since some postal employees were out due to unforeseen circumstances.”

Since delivery has resumed Roberson reports there have been no issues since.

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