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Greensboro woman turns to News 2 after home warranty company refuses to pay for technician's mistake

An HVAC system may be the most important part of a home. No one wants to be cold in the winter or hot in the summer. It's why many people have a home warranty.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Juanita Chapman is not one to complain all that much. Sure, she may point out something if it’s wrong, but she is more inclined to let it go and figure it out herself than to make a big deal about it.

Maybe the best example of that is her home's HVAC system. The heater and air conditioner were working but certainly not performing at the proper level.

“I called the warranty company to get it fixed,” Chapman said.

The warranty company sent someone out, but it didn’t really solve the problem. She said she has dealt with a failing system for a couple of years. Instead of insisting on a proper fix, she purchased fans and space heaters to get through the years.

Eventually, the system was no longer performing even at an average level, so she contacted her home warranty company again, and they sent a service technician out. It’s not exactly clear what happened but while investigating the system the technician did something to the wiring. Chapman later discovered the wiring would cost about $3,000 to fix.

“(The warranty company) wanted me to pay for the repairs,” she said. “I’m not paying for any wiring because it’s something someone did that you sent out.”

The system could not be fixed until the wiring was repaired and the warranty company declined to pay for the repairs. Chapman continued to call for several weeks but it was not helping. The HVAC system could not be fixed so again she was having to use a space heater to keep the home warm.

“I keep seeing on the news if have a problem and can’t solve it to call News 2 so that’s why I called,” Chapman said.

We contacted the warranty company asking about the HVAC company that was initially sent out and what happened with the wiring. We also wanted to better understand why the system has seemingly not been properly repaired for several years. A representative for the warranty company told us it would investigate the issue and call us back.

The investigation took some time, but the warranty company did eventually reach back out to us and Chapman and decided to make the necessary repairs and replace her failing system.

“I am so grateful I really am,” she said.

The system was fixed just in time before this recent cold snap hit the Triad to start the year.

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