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Insurance company pays Asheboro woman's claim after News 2 investigation

The truck was parked where it often was but on this day the windshield was cracked. Dianna Dawkins saw branches from a tree all around and knew exactly what happened

ASHEBORO, N.C. — Dianna Dawkins knew she lived on a gorgeous piece of property in Asheboro. Her home is tucked down a windy dirt road with only one other neighbor nearby. To say the home is secluded and private is a bit of an understatement.

“Lot of trees, lot of trees around me,” Dawkins said.

One of those trees caused a major problem for Dawkins when it fell on her truck. A giant part of the tree came crashing down on the cab of the truck caving in a part of the roof, cracking the windshield, and knocking the side mirror off.

“It was a mess, absolutely,” she said.

As bad as it was things only got worse when her insurance company investigated but ultimately denied the claim. 

Dawkins is still not sure why the claim was denied and said she was never really told why. At one point during the investigation, she said she asked to move the truck and was told not to because of the ongoing investigation.

Around the same time, the claim was denied another giant branch from the tree crashed down on the truck. This time the bulk of the branch hit the bed of the truck but did a lot of damage to the sides and tailgate.

“There were branches all over the truck and the area,” Dawkins said.

Before she reached out to her insurance company again, she decided to reach out to News 2.

We waited a couple of days and called the insurance company after Dawkins had filed her second claim in a couple of months. The company assigned an adjuster to investigate the claim. News 2 kept in touch with the insurance company and Dawkins during the investigation.

We sent pictures and video to a member of the corporate communications staff and explained in detail what Dawkins shared with us. 

WFMY News 2 also inquired about the initial claim and asked why it was denied. A few days later Dawkins was notified that her claim was approved.

“After News 2 got involved they did pay the second claim,” Dawkins said.

A check for around $1,000 was sent a few weeks later.

“News 2 is awesome, I just want to thank you guys for being a big help to me,” Dawkins said.

As for the truck, it works but doesn’t get much use anymore. Dawkins did however move it to a safer part of the property.

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