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Let there be light, News 2 helps Greensboro woman after roofer fails to install skylights

There were two holes in the roof of Kim Dao's home. Skylights were supposed to be put in but didn't fit. The holes were covered by a tarp.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — The grass is vibrant green and perfectly manicured. The flowers are blooming, and the bushes are trimmed as if an artist did it.

Kim Dao takes pride in her yard and will often spend time outside watering, pulling weeds, or picking up loose sticks that fell from the tree. Dao and her husband bought the Greensboro home about five years ago. 

“I really like my neighbors. They are very awesome,” Dao said.

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It’s not just the yard, but the entire house, that Dao takes pride in. The inside is practically spotless. The carpets are vacuumed on a regular basis, the desks and tables dusted, and the pillows fluffed. So, imagine what it was like for Dao to have a giant blue tarp on her roof for more than five months after a roofing job wasn’t finished. 

“The guy who did the roof said if we got a new roof, we would need to get new skylights,” Dao said.

Credit: WFMY
Kim Dao shows us the skylights inside her home.

The roof was damaged by a hailstorm and apparently, the old skylights would no longer work. 

Insurance covered the cost of the repairs and the materials, but the roofer couldn’t get the new skylights to fit properly. He told Dao he would call someone who specializes in skylight installation and have them put them in. 

“I waited five months, and nobody called me,” Dao said.

The roofer left the tarp over the two openings to keep the rain out, and Dao said it did help but it would leak on occasions. The tarp also blocked light from coming into the loft. 

“It was taking so long one of my neighbors said, 'what if they never come back,'” Dao said. “That is scary.”

She called the roofer several times and he always had an excuse, she said. After five months, Dao decided to reach out to News 2. Our Call for Action team contacted the roofing company and wanted to know why the skylights were still not installed. A representative with the company told us he would investigate the matter and call us back.

About a week later, the roofing company called Dao and scheduled a time for someone to come out and install the skylights. 

Credit: WFMY
2 Wants To Know helps speed up a skylight installation for a Greensboro family.

“I think because you got involved (they called me); you have more power,” Dao said.

The new skylights have since been installed and are working fine. Dao can get back to enjoying the bright light in the loft, and more importantly, take the bright blue tarp off the roof. 

“Thank you, thank you,” Dao said.

The flowers in Dao’s front yard are mostly pink and purple, so a giant blue tarp would’ve clashed with the color scheme.

Credit: WFMY
Kim Dao's home in Greensboro. She reached out to 2 Wants To Know when a skylight installation was taking longer than expected.

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