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News 2 helps Uber driver after a car dealership fails to pay off loan from trade-in

People trade in cars all the time. The process is simple, but a mistake by the dealership ended with the SUV repossessed and a serious ding to Anthony Kilby's credit

HIGH POINT, N.C. — Anthony Kilby enjoys being behind the wheel of a car. In fact, he liked it so much that it became his office. Kilby is an Uber driver.

“I’ve done about 4,000 trips,” Kilby said.

In the market to buy a new SUV to accommodate more clients and luggage Kilby went car shopping. He decided to trade in his Ford Escape for a bigger KIA Sorrento.

“I just wanted something with more room and space,” Kilby said.

The KIA Sorrento wasn’t new, but it was in good condition and had fewer miles than the Escape. The dealership took the Escape and put it up for sale a few days later. It seemed like a perfect situation until the finance company notified Kilby that payment on the Escape was missed and the SUV had been repossessed.

“They (the dealership) took a 30-day payoff, and it took them 36 days to pay for it,” Kilby said.

The finance company repossessed the SUV and, in the process, dinged Kilby’s credit. The problem with that is the dealership had yet to finalize paperwork and get funding for the purchase of the KIA Sorrento.

“My credit took a hit, so I didn’t qualify for the loan on the KIA,” Kilby said.

The day Kilby thought he was signing the final documents for the KIA he was told he didn’t qualify for the loan, but he could buy a higher mileage Nissan Rogue.

“At that point, with me knowing the (Escape) was repossessed I knew there was nothing I could do, so I better take what I could get,” Kilby said.

He left the dealership with a car he didn’t really want and a repossession on his credit. A few days later he called News 2 for some assistance.

“I just needed some help,” Kilby said.

We were able to contact the general manager at the car dealership and a representative at the finance company. After a few calls and emails back and forth the finance company agreed to remove the repossession from Kilby’s credit history.

“You were able to get my credit re-established,” Kilby said.

While he was still not able to buy the KIA, the updated credit report allowed him to refinance the Rogue and enable him to buy another SUV in the upcoming months if he wanted.

“Thank you very much for being able to help me get back on track,” Kilby said.

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