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News 2 helps Yanceyville woman get a refund from a cable provider

Connie Steadman just needed to have a shipping box sent to her so she could return her cable receiver. What should have been simple became a bit problematic.

YANCEYVILLE, N.C. — Connie Steadman is not one to change something just for the sake of change. There is comfort and familiarity in items she has had for some time. However, there is a reason to break from the norm, and it often comes down to money.

“Everything was going well. They offered a better deal with another company,” Steadman said.

The deal was with a new cable provider. Steadman had been with Direct TV for a few years, but Spectrum offered a less expensive package.

“I called and terminated my service with Direct TV,” Steadman said.

The only real issue was where and how to send back her cable receiver to Direct TV so she could get a refund. A representative told Steadman the company would send shipping instructions and a box to put the receiver in."

Steadman told News 2 the shipping box never arrived, and after numerous calls to Direct TV, she contacted us for help.

“I decided to reach out to WFMY News 2 and that’s what I did,” Steadman said.

By now, it had been more than a month since Steadman last spoke with Direct TV. We reached out to the company, and a supervisor said they would investigate the issue.

A few days later, a representative reached out to Steadman and assured her a box to ship the receiver, will be sent to her, so she could get the refund once she, sends the receiver back. The box arrived a short time later, and about a week after, Steadman received a refund for the equipment.

“I’d like to say thank you very much, and you are very thorough, and I appreciate you so much,” Steadman said.

The new cable service is working out well. Steadman said she has no plans to change providers again any time soon.