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A simple oil change became a nightmare for one Greensboro man

Kamesh Barot dropped his van off to have the oil changed. When he went to pick it up, there was a problem. His door was scratched and dented.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Every 3,000 miles, we are supposed to take our vehicle to the shop to get an oil change. Kamesh Barot understood the assignment and took his van to a shop. The oil change should take less than an hour, but Barot's van would be there for more than four months.

“It was getting frustrating because I do not have my car with me. I have to rent a car from Enterprise,” Barot said.

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The routine oil change hit a snag when one of the technicians accidentally hit the side of the building when pulling Barot’s van out of the garage.

“He didn’t realize the (van) door was open,” Barot said.

The damage was minor, but a few parts had to be replaced or repaired. Barot said he was told it should only take two to three weeks before he’d have his van back.

After three weeks, Barot called the shop and was told the van was still not repaired. Another month went by and then another. It had now been more than three months without his van.

“They were giving me the run-a-round - same excuse all the time,” Barot said.

The repair shop would not give Barot any firm date on when the repairs would be done. So that’s when he reached out to News 2 for help.

Barot sent us an email explaining the issue and included a timeline of the events. We immediately contacted the shop and spoke with a manager. We were told he would investigate the issue and see what could be done.

A little more than a week after we contacted the repair shop, and almost four months after Barot brought the van in for an oil change, it was finally repaired.

“I appreciate you guys. You did a really good job,” Barot said.

The shop also decided to give Barot 10 free oil changes and tire rotations for all his trouble.

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