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What side are you on? News 2 helps a homeowner when siding is delayed six months

The project was supposed to be done about three weeks after the siding order was placed. It ended up taking seven months.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Alice Brunner has been fixing up her home for a couple of years. The inside received the first makeover and then it was time for the outside.

“I have foam in some of the holes in the wood to keep the water out,” Brunner said.

The wood panels had rotted in several spots and the rest of it wasn’t looking too good. Brunner was able to save up enough money to buy some new siding for the home.

“I was excited. (The wood) needed to be replaced,” Brunner said.

The siding was ordered, and Brunner was told it could take about two weeks before it would be delivered. About three weeks after ordering it, Brunner called the store.

“I was told it will be another two weeks,” Brunner said.

She then waited two more weeks and called the store again. The person she spoke with told her it may be another couple of weeks before the siding arrives. After about eight weeks, Brunner reached out to the store for the fourth time.

“At that point, I asked to speak with (management) - someone who could explain what was going on to me,” Brunner said.

While Brunner waited, the outside of the home was getting worse and worse. Several people she found to help her install the siding were getting busy with other jobs. 

Another couple of months would pass and the siding had still not arrived. At this point, it was going on six months since she placed the order.

“I said, I know somebody out there that cares. I’ll call News 2, and that’s what I did,” Brunner said.

We contacted not only the local store but also the regional director. He assured us it would be investigated right away. Later that day, we received a call telling us the order would be delivered in a few days.  Three days later, the siding was delivered.

“That is when I called you. I said I can’t believe it it’s here. What did you do? I love your magic,” Brunner said.

Once the siding arrived, Brunner was able to round up some of her Habitat for Humanity friends that she volunteers with to help install it. The project was completed a little later in the year than expected because of the siding delays but it is now finished. Brunner is thankful we intervened.

“Thank you for your hard work and your persistence in getting the job done. Thank you,” Brunner said.

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