GREENSBORO, N.C. — Page High in Greensboro, has a problem: too many students, too small of a cafeteria. 

After noticing parent after parent take to the podium and voice their concerns at Board of Education meetings, WFMY News 2 called Guilford County Schools. 

The district said the cafeteria is 'smaller than it needs to be.'

One parent of two Page High students, Gina Alem, spoke out at the Board of Commissioners meeting Thursday night. 

"Page students, my children, have the only lunch in Guilford County that is 30 minutes long," Alem said. "And we have 603 students trying to fit into a space that houses a maximum of 400."

Guilford County Schools is working to verify those statistics for us. 

The rushed 30 minute lunches, plus the limited capacity, puts the students in a horrible situation Alem said. 

"In addition to abbreviated lunch, our facility has limited seating, leaving students sitting on the floor while eating their lunch."

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On a facilities study conducted several months ago, Page High was listed under poor condition, saying specifically

Page High School scored good in technology infrastructure. The suitability score is poor.  The building condition score is poor and site condition is unsatisfactory, generating a combined score in the poor range. This means the school building is not currently serving as an effective tool to implement the prescribed curriculum in Guilford County Schools.  

Page High Assessment
Guilford County Schools