GREENSBORO, NC - Are you addicted to your cell phone?

Pew Research finds 46% of smartphone owners say they couldn't live without their phones. They say their phones help connect them to the world, and they couldn't imagine going unplugged

And even though most can't imagine going unplugged, that's exactly what people who visited the Greensboro Children's Museum did Sunday.

Every Sunday this month adults who turn their phones in at the front desk get free admission! It's part of the Guilford County Healthy Relationships Initiative .

This program was created by folks at UNCG to promote "healthy and safe relationships in our community". And creator Christine Murray told WFMY News 2,

"Technology presents a big barrier for families and couples and people and connecting in todays world and often a distraction from those relationships".

If you missed today's Unplugged Sunday, there is no need to worry! The museum will host the program for another two Sundays!