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'It’s starting to take a toll on us' | Parents, high schoolers hope to be back in school before proposed January 20 re-entry date

Parents and high school students are reacting to the Guilford County Schools proposed re-entry plan, which gets grades 9-12 back to the classroom on January 20.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Parents and high school students said they're hoping for a sooner re-entry date after Guilford County Schools presented a proposal to return kids to the classroom.

The proposed re-entry plan is a gradual one dependent on coronavirus data and trends, allowing elementary and middle school students to return by the end of October. High school students wouldn't return under the plan until January 20. 

While the Guilford County School Board still needs to vote on the plan, Peapod Caviness and her mother Kathy are holding onto hope to get a sooner return date.

Here's the proposed timeline:

Credit: Guilford County Schools

"I can honestly say that we’re at a point where it’s starting to take a toll on us we’re ready to have some normalcy even if it’s modified to have a little bit of normal back," said Kathy. 

Peapod is a senior at Grimsley High School and said remote learning at home has been stressful. 

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"I go from like 9 to 4 sometimes 9 to 3, it just depends. We can see our teachers but we can’t see who’s in our class we can’t see other faces it’s mainly just seeing your teacher," said Peapod. 

Peapod said she hopes for an earlier date, whether that's November, or even the beginning of January, instead of the end. 

"I wasn’t like happy about it at all. Just like really shocked. That’s really late in the school year to go back," said Peapod. 

"I would love to see even if it’s modified. Something where they come to class once a week or twice a week or some kind of modified schedule where they can at least be in the presence of others," Kathy said. 

Trey Campbell is a sophomore at Southwest High School in Guilford County. He said he understands why students want to get back, but also why the district wants to be as safe as possible. 

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"On one side if it helps what needs to be done it’s good, but also education isn't something you can make up. It's pretty difficult, it's something you need to learn," he said. 

Cathryn Campbell, Trey's mother, is concerned with the proposed January return date. 

"I’m concerned for a couple of reasons. One, the high schoolers, they definitely feed off of social interaction. They’re the highest population for depression and not being able to see their friends, even their teachers to have that bond with their teachers in class, it’s really difficult to be able to connect with anyone when you’re just looking at a computer screen with shotty internet and lag times," said Cathryn. 

Cathryn, too, hopes for a sooner return for high school students. 

"I would like to see them go back with all the rest of the kids I’d like to see them be treated equally. Fairly. Their education is just as important," she said. 

The Guilford County Board of Education will vote on a re-entry plan September 24. 

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