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Peterkin brothers shine together leading Mount Tabor basketball to the best start in years

Jamerian and Shamarius Peterkin leave everything they have on the floor every night because they know no matter the outcome. They always have each other

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — No matter who you root for, sports bring us together.

In the past week, we've seen the power in that. One Winston-Salem family takes that idea to a whole new level.

Wednesday we met two brothers, on a mission to win a championship as their school continues to heal from tragedy

Jamerian 'JP' Peterkin and his younger brother Shamarius 'Snook' Peterkin have done everything together for as long as they can remember, and this year, the two brothers are on a mission to bring Mount Tabor their first basketball state championship since 2009.

"We've been dribbling the ball ever since we physically could. We probably started at like 3 or 4 years old", is how older brother Jamerian Peterkin describes how long they've been playing basketball.

Now, ages 18 and 16, Jamerian and Shamarius Peterkin are a dynamic duo at Mount Tabor High School, a duo that most of their opponents, don't have an answer for.

"There's nothing like playing with your brother, so that makes me feel good", is how Shamarius Peterkin described what these last two years have been like.

This season the Spartans are off to a 14-1 start to the season, and the Peterkin brothers are a major reason for their success.

"My focus really is all defense. Like when it comes to offense, I let him (Snook) have it. It's like I can rest on offense sometimes so I can keep the energy up on defense", is how Jamerian Peterkin described his role on the team this year.

Head coach Andy Muse has been at Mount Tabor for over three decades and he and the Peterkin family have a long history together.

"They're a Mount Tabor family. I had their dad here many many years ago. I guess I'm telling my age", is how Coach Muse describes his relationship with the Peterkin family.

Now, he's got the two oldest Peterkin boys leading the Mount Tabor program during a time when the school needs some positivity after a trying last two years.

"For us to be a light for our student body, is awesome. It's been great to see our students and players come together to be Spartan Strong throughout the adversity our community has been through the last two years", is how Coach Muse described what his program is doing for their school this season.

One thing is for sure. The Spartan basketball team is stronger than ever.

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