Kernersville, N.C. -- Kernersville Police say a woman was shot with a pellet gun Monday on Glenn Road.

The woman tells police she was standing outside when someone drove by, shot her and took off.

She was hit in the shoulder, and is not sure when doctors will be able to pull the pellet out.

Police say they've seen accidents with pellet guns before - even people shooting and parked cars or windows, but never someone getting intentionally shot.

But police say people might not know that getting hit with a pellet could have the same dangerous results as getting hit with a bullet, with the same serious consequences.

"If it hits someone in the eye and causes serious injury, that's a felony and people can be arrested," explains Officer Blake Jones with the Kernersville Police Department.

Officer Jones says in this case they don't have a suspect yet - but that person could be charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

"While it's probably considered a prank or some sort of joke to whoever's pulling a trigger on that air-rifle, unfortunately the results of that could be devastating."

The woman who was shot says she wants to make sure the community knows the person who did this to her is still out there.

Police are urging people to pay extra attention out on the roads and when they're outside with people driving by.

If you have any information about this incident, call Kernersville Police at (336) 996-3177.