GREENSBORO, N.C. — The Greensboro Police department is sending a warning to the public about another way hackers are targeting your data.

"Ever heard of "Juice Jacking"? It has nothing to do with your drink! Juice Jacking occurs when you plug your phone into public charging stations," reads the post on the department's Facebook page.

The term 'Juice Jacking' refers to a type of cyber attack carried out through a public charging port via a USB connection. The connection allows bad actors of the cyber world to install malware or copy sensitive data from a device.

Sometimes a prompt that reads 'Trust This Device' or 'Allow This Device' pops up on the phone purporting to give the user access to the charging station. When users click on this, thinking they are just charging their battery, but they are unknowingly giving access to their device and the data.

Commercial Robbery GREENSBORO, NC (February 14, 2020) - On 2.14.20... 20 at 10:57 p.m.-officers responded to the Subway on 3212 Randleman Road reference a robbery of business. A man armed with a handgun entered the business and took and undisclosed amount of cash before leaving on foot. No injuries were reported.

The post from the police department urges users to use a USB data blocker to connect your device to any public charging station. A USB data blocker allows only power between devices and prevents any data transfer. Alternatively, you can use a USB-power cord to charge your device. 

The FCC also warns about the dangers of public USB charging stations.

The regulator also warns to beware of public WiFi networks as that's another way cybercriminals target people's data.

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