"Wonder Woman" soars into theaters this weekend. The new film is already getting rave reviews for the return of the female super hero. And we want to explore this impact on girls.

The message of a female super hero is that girls are powerful who are can take care of not only themselves, but other people. And they can handle life problems. Yes, I'm talking about a fictional character, but keep in mind that part of fantasy play for many young children is being an action hero who saves the day. And having relatable characters sends the message that girls have guts, grit and determination.

Boys are impacted by female super heroes too as they start to see girls as equals, who are powerful and strong in their own right. Girls can be fierce and don’t always need to be rescued. In fact, they can be rescuers. Simply put, it helps change the societal perspective of girls from being weak to being powerful. Girls can be seen as disrupters.

"Wonder Woman" does hold back views of women because of her provocative costume. Its focus is on the external view of women. That is what women look like - tight fitting outfit, exposed skin and a sexy physique. What makes a woman powerful are internal characteristics; what she’s made of, who she is, not what she looks like.

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