ASHEBORO, N.C. (WFMY)-- Community members are upset after a stray pregnant dog was euthanized at the Randolph County Animal Shelter.

The dog was brought in on July 5th and was put down on July 11th, according to Wesley Vann, the Randolph Co. Animal Shelter Supervisor .

The shelter has a 72-hour hold policy for stray animals with no identification, Vann says.

PHOTOS | Pregnant Dog Euthanized at Randolph Co. Animal Shelter

Pamela Vuncannon networks with rescue groups to help stray animals find loving homes. She was heartbroken to hear about Gypsy, the name she gave the pregnant hound dog she helped rescue.

"When you find out that they had euthanized a dog without telling anyone that she was there, without giving any rescues an opportunity to come for her," says Vuncannon

Vann says the dog couldn't be adopted out because a county ordinance requires all animals to be spayed or neutered first. He says a lack of resources makes it difficult to keep pregnant dogs at the shelter and they typically go to rescue groups.

"We have ones that will pull small breed dogs that are pregnant, that's pretty easy to do. We are just finding out that we do have rescues that do want these other dogs and so we've got an avenue where we can, can actually get them out of the shelter now," says Vann.

The shelter is working to be more proactive in finding rescue organizations and save as many animals as possible.

Vann says, "It is a very difficult job to do. Nobody wants to euthanize an animal. it's a very difficult situation. I don't take that lightly."

As for Vuncannon, she wants more transparency from the shelter, so situations like this never happen again.

"We believe that our pets are companion animals and that they improve the quality of life for our citizens here and we just believe that they deserve an opportunity to live," says Vuncannon.

Shortly after speaking with Vuncannon, WFMY News 2's Hannah Brewer found out the dog's owner has been found. They say her name was actually London. We'll reach out to them to see if they want to share their side of the story.