In the last day and half, 2 brazen break-ins in the Triad's 2 biggest cities.

Winston-Salem Police are still looking for two suspects that fired at officers Sunday and in Greensboro, police are still searching for answers after a break-in call early Monday morning led them to a dead body.

2 Wants To Know if there is anything people to can do to try and prevent this at home, especially around the holidays.

Greensboro Police advise people to lock down doors and windows and keep a front light on outside. You'll also want to keep the blinds shut.

"They can look through the windows and realize 'Oh, there's all new stuff here. This might be a house I want to break into.'"

Greensboro Police Lieutenant Terry Brown says break-ins always go up around the holidays. If you get a gift that comes in a big box, break it down before tossing it away.

"Make them smaller, so it doesn't look like the 60-inch television that you got," Lt. Brown explains.

Sadie Blue tells the same thing to her neighbors.

"You're not just showing off to one person," she says. "You might be showing off to someone you don't want to see."

Blue runs the neighborhood watch in her community, near Southmont Park in Greensboro.

"It's crucial," she says. "It's almost part of the survival of having a good, thriving neighborhood that's safe."

She tells neighbors regularly to be on high-alert. And if they see something, they should say something.

"Nosy neighbors are great," she adds, noting a neighbor could see someone trying to break-in if you're not home.

If you are home and someone tries to break-in, Greensboro Police say you should call 911 as soon as possible. Lt. Brown says you should try and get a description of the suspect, if you can do so without putting yourself in harms way.

"Scream, yell, make lots of noise so hopefully it scares them away."

It's also a good idea to keep a home inventory. Keep a list of jewelry, electronics, appliances and any other valuable items. Record serial numbers and brands. If anything is stolen, you can give your information to police and it might help them track your items if they had been pawned or located.

When it comes to packages being delivered, police say you can always set up a P.O. Box to ensure it's delivered to a secure place. You can also deliver it to a friend or family member you know will be home or put in shipping instructions that you want it to go to a back porch, rather than a front porch where it will be more visible.