GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Dozens of protesters took to Piedmont Triad International Airport in Greensboro Monday to speak out against President Donald Trump's executive orders limiting immigration to the United States and to send their message that immigrants should be welcomed here.

"I know this is not a huge crowd," says protester Lois Roewade. "It's not like Los Angeles or Chicago airports, but the administration needs to know."

"It's Un-American," explains Diya Abdo, an associate professor at Guilford College. "It's really took me aback and sort of shook my image of what I always felt America to be, a welcoming place, compassionate, empathetic, kind passionate, loving."

Abdo is also the founder of Every Campus A Refuge at Guilford College. The organization houses refugees on campus - and works to help them find permanent homes in the community.

"So far have hosted 2 Syrian families who now will have a hard time reuniting with their left in the camps in Jordan because of the ban."

And she knows what it's like to want to be here. She's an immigrant herself, coming to the U.S. on a student-visa from Jordan. She's now a naturalized citizen and is out protesting with her daughter so that others will have the chance to become the same.

"I'm happy to take her to all the protests where we're standing up for what American represents."

Some parents brought their kids out to be part of the protest @WFMY

— Erica Stapleton (@EricaReportsAll) January 30, 2017

Several other parents also brought kids to the protest.

"They have to see that when our country is not living up to its ideals then we stand up and say this is not right," says Suresh Nagappan, a pediatrician who was at the protest with his daughter.

The group of protesters obtained a permit which allows up to 150 people to participate. After the protest organizers say they achieved their goal of keeping it peaceful. The protesters were in an area that won’t interrupt traffic at the terminal. Greensboro Police were on hand to monitor the demonstration.

The protest coincides with other airport protests across the country including some at airports in Raleigh and Charlotte.