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Fall Harvest Looking Spooky for Triad Farmers

Consistent hot, dry weather is hurting crops like pumpkins, and farmers are praying for rain.

GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. — It's the first week of fall, but the harvest outlook seems a little spooky to Triad farmers.

With a consistent hot and dry forecast, crops are in desperate need for rain. 

This weather has put a damper on the fall festivities planned, and some farms are even having to delay their plans.

Rudd Farm in Guilford County is also keeping their field closed to visitors as they wait on rain. They showed us their pumpkins which look a little droopier than normal. 

Once they do open the field to visitors, Rudd Farm suggests picking your pumpkins as soon as possible, because they aren't sure how many they'll have left. Rudd Farm harvests pumpkins around three times for the season, but the hot weather is sunburning the pumpkins, and they aren't growing as big as normal. So if we don't have cool weather or rain, the pumpkins could quickly go bad. 

The owners say their water supply is running low and this could also affect strawberry season.

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