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Just what is a QR code and how does it work?

Since COVID, they're a staple at restaurants, but get ready to see them at places you would normally get tours, at job places, and right here on WFMY News 2.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — You know the drill, you get to the restaurant and there's a QR code for you to use instead of a menu to hold and look at.
QR code menus were out before in some places, but since COVID it seems to be the rule.

But what does QR stand for in QR code? The site, QR Generator, confirms QR Code stands for Quick Response Code. The quick part is specifically in reference to it being quickly read by a cell phone.

A QR code is the next generation of a bar code.
The barcode only has horizontal information to read, but the QR code has information in the horizontal and vertical dots or lines, which allows for more information to be in the code.

We looked around to see what else QR codes were being used for. A Denver doctor made bracelets with QR codes that link back to your COVID vaccine info so you don't have to carry your card around.

Historic cemeteries are using QR codes instead of manned tours to tell the stories of the community ancestors. Right here in the Triad, during tournament time, QR codes were used to scan tickets, no paper required.

WFMY News 2 has a QR code. BTW, the way you use a QR code is you hover your phone over the code, open up your camera, no need to take a picture, the camera will scan the QR code, and a link will appear on the top of your phone. Click it and it will bring you to the link. The link is the donation page for Tanya’s 2 Wishes.

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Tanya’s 2 Wishes include 1-Raising 50,000 meals for folks in 18 counties in our area through Second Harvest Food Bank 2-Spread joy by giving folks a spin of the prize wheel (whether you can give or not, get a prize!)

Credit: WFMY

You can donate online right now or bring food donations in-person Tuesday, July 20 from 6 AM to 6 PM at the Harris Teeter at the Friendly Shopping Center.