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Randolph County woman opens her home to those seeking shelter during Hurricane Ian

She opens her home to people during every Hurricane.

LIBERTY, N.C. — A woman in Randolph County is opening her doors to people who need to seek shelter during Hurricane Ian.

Christine Laughlin was in Florida during Hurricane Andrew and understands the struggle of getting through a hurricane.

She and her family and friends were asked to evacuate their homes but were not allowed to bring their pets along with them. Laughlin decided to stay at her home instead to take care of her pets. After the storms passed through she worked with a volunteer team that took care of pets displaced and hurt during the storm.

Ever since then, she opens her home to anyone who needs a place to stay during a dangerous weather event.

“Since then ever time there’s a storm I’ve always wanted the opportunity for someone to leave and not have to make that decision. To know they have somewhere safe to go and not have to make the decision to leave a companion animal behind,” Laughlin said.

Laughlin said its heartbreaking to watch the news coverage and see communities devastated by the storm. She says she knows it’s going to take them so long to rebuild but she’s encouraged by people coming together and helping out their neighbors.

“You can see people helping people saying ‘oh there’s an alligator in the water, we want to get out of here,’ but you can see them rising up to help one another and that’s what people do that’s what communities do. That’s what I try to do,” Laughlin said.

She continues to give back and rescue animals while living in Randolph County. She has several rescue dogs, donkeys and chickens.

Laughlin posted on her Facebook page for anyone who needs a place to stay to contact her directly. She hasn’t had anyone stay with her during this storm but has welcomed people and their pets during past weather events.

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