GREENSBORO, N.C. (WFMY)-- A driver who recorded what appears to be a road rage incident in Greensboro doesn't plan to file a police report and doesn't want to see the man lose his job.

The incident happened Thursday on South Elm-Eugene Street near I-85 exit. The driver who recorded the video was also targeted by the man after he saw the driver recording him.

In the video you see an unidentified man get out of his car after he and another driver almost collide in the left-hand turn lane. We don't know what he said to the driver, but you can clearly see him yelling something and hitting the driver side window of the car.

The man continues his rage against other drivers.

The man sees the driver, who shared the shared the video with WFMY News 2, recording and starts yelling at him. During that screaming match, the man yells at yet another driver in a car behind the driver recording the video.

The driver who recorded the video attached to this story tells WFMY News 2 he doesn't plan to file a police report.

He also told WFMY News 2:"I don’t want to get the guy in any more trouble than he already is. He obviously was having a bad day and I really don’t want to see anyone lose their job over something that didn't have that bad of an ending."

The driver didn't elaborate but confirmed Greensboro police officers have seen his video.

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