THOMASVILLE, N.C. — Baptist Children's Homes in Thomasville has seen their fair share of bad weather.

"We had the ice storm that came in 2014, which just covered and coated everything around the campus," explains Blake Ragsdale, Director of Communications. "We had power lines come down, we had limbs come down in the street, we had a couple of trees hit buildings."

With the chance of more serious ice this weekend, Ragsdale said they're doing what they can to prepare their facility. The campus houses about 50 kids who come from a past of neglect and abuse. Safety is the top priority, especially when it comes to severe weather.

"As child care workers who are charged with taking care of children they have emergency preparedness plans, they have training," Ragsdale explains. "So they’re ready. They’re ready to make sure these children are safe, they’re warm, that they’ve got food, they’re ready to eat even if the power goes out."

That's what they had to do in 2014 when ice coated the campus. Some cottages lost power, so children had to move to other areas. Crews had to remove tree limbs; buildings had to be prepared.

"In the midst of disaster you also see you have the kindness of friends and community," Ragsdale says, remembering all the volunteers who helped clean up.

He also says they've learned lessons and have been proactive in removing dangerous trees this time around. Now it's about hunkering down and weathering the storm.

"You just make sure that you’re warm, you’ve got clothes, you’ve got flashlights. Our staff and our childcare workers? They’re ready."