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'She walked in the courtroom smug' | Lori Vallow's body language explained

As Lori Vallow, mother charged in kids' disappearances, walked in the courtroom, immediately you could tell she was relaxed even smug while approaching her attorney.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — It's a case that's caught national attention. 

All eyes were on Lori Vallow during her court appearance in Idaho where she faced charges of child abandonment of her two children who are still missing.

Let's break down her body language. As Vallow walked in the courtroom, immediately you could tell she was relaxed even smug as she approached her attorneys. She gave an eyebrow flash as she saw her attorneys. An eyebrow flash shows happiness and recognition of someone that you see. She was full of energy. As she got situated in her seat, she chatted with each of her attorneys and even smiled and laughed a bit. 


When you're looking at body language, you have to see what fits and what doesn't fit. In this case, it's fair to say that a mother who is charged in the disappearance of her children isn't acting as you'd expect. When this happens you have to ask yourself 'why?' Why would her behavior be different than most other mothers whose children are missing and who are charged in their disappearance? Be careful of automatically making judgments based on what you'd do or not do. A better guideline is what would be a typical response of most people in the same situation. 


There was a stark difference between the children's grandparents' body language. Both grandparents looked solemn, serious, expressionless. They sat quietly and relatively motionless except for the grandfather who looked at his arm briefly. More than likely, he felt stressed about the proceedings, which would be a typical response in this situation. 

When the judge set the bail at $1 million, Vallow closed her eyes. You close your eyes when you dislike something that you see or hear. It's a way to block out what's bothering you. 

Vallow walked out of the courtroom the same way she walked in the courtroom - smug. She walked with her head held high and chin up, which suggests that she's feeling smug, confident, good. 

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