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What’s the skinny on skinny jeans? Wrangler, Lee set us straight on denim trends

Representatives from Greensboro-based Kontoor Brands, Lee and Wrangler, give us the skinny on the latest denim trends.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — If you're on social media, you've probably seen the talk about skinny jeans and how they're apparently out of style.

Videos have gone viral on TikTok with teens throwing out skinny jeans and trading them in for a more relaxed look.

To set the record straight on style, we went to Greensboro-based Kontoor Brands, owner of Wrangler and Lee brands, to get a look at the latest denim fashion.

Both brands said they're seeing a shift in style as they currently are working on the spring and summer 2022 line.

For Wrangler, it's a lot of fun silhouettes with flares and trousers.

Credit: Kontoor Brands

A representative with Lee said they have been watching a rise in popularity of the more relaxed and straight leg looks.

Credit: Kontoor Brands

Both brands said the balloon-style pants are making a comeback as well.

"In Wrangler, we're seeing a ton of things work right now. She's really open to all the different silhouettes which I think just shows how excited she is about apparel," Julie Armistead, Wrangler merchandising manager, said.

Both Wrangler and Lee reps agree denim is about confidence, not conformity.

"If she feels like rocking that body-hugging skinny one day for its comfort, that's great, but if she also kind of wants that more chill, opened up silhouette, then we need to have those options for her," Joe Bugni, VPGM, Lee Global Female, said.

Whether it's the skinny jean, A-line, bootcut or flare, both brands emphasize you wear what makes you feel best because denim doesn't go out of style!

Wrangler and Lee both are seeing a solid momentum in sales post-pandemic. Their first-quarter results for 2021 were above expectation.

Kontoor Brands attribute some of that to people getting back to social activities as COVID-19 restrictions ease and women want to wear something they can dress up and down. 

"Denim is a category that stays in. It's definitely in right now for consumers to feel like a way that they can come back and start connecting with people again in this world," Bugni said.