GREENSBORO, N.C. -- We heard the warnings during this winter storm to stay off the roads. But a lot of people couldn't keep from driving or chose not to.

It's why there were roughly 2700 crashes across the state on Wednesday and Thursday, according to Highway Patrol. About 500 of those crashes were in the Triad.

And when cars get banged up on the roadways, mechanics are the ones dealing with the aftermath.

Customers with winter car troubles were in and out of Precision Tune Auto Care in Greensboro on Thursday.

Mechanics said they'd worked on a lot of cars with front-end damage from running into curbs and sliding on ice.

They also saw cold weather damage like coolant issues and cars not having the right mixture of antifreeze.

Manager Frank Furlough says a lot of these issues could have been prevented by getting cars ready before the storm.

"On an icy road, when you have to actually work harder to stop your car because your brakes aren't doing what they should be doing, it could create some issues," he said. "Your stopping distance is going to be longer and on ice it's already an issue."

After driving around on roads covered in salt and brine, you might notice parts of your car covered in the solution.

Brine is made of water and salt, which will cause iron and steel to rust.

Furlough says you'll want to get your car washed well in the next week or two to avoid any issues.

With all the ice and snow, hospitals are also seeing an influx of weather-related issues.

Alamance Regional Medical Center treated around 15 patients in the Emergency Room for weather-related injuries Wednesday and Thursday.

Doctors said they had seen several cases of patients slipping and falling on the ice and some being hurt in car accidents. None of the injuries treated were life threatening.