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Spring already Springing?

Plants are already beginning to bloom way ahead of schedule.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — You may have noticed just driving around town that some plants and trees have already started to bloom. Spring in February? It sure seems like it. 

Our warm weather lately has had a lot to do with it.

Credit: WFMY

A lot of warmth this winter has been contributed to by our noticeably warm low temperatures so far. We've only had 17 days in the 20s or below when we average about 43 of those. We haven't made it into the teens yet this winter either! 21° has been our lowest temperature of the season.

Credit: WFMY

According to data from the USA National Phenology Network, spring is blooming early across the majority of the Southeast. Here in NC, there are many spots blooming more than 20 days ahead of schedule.

So what this mean for your plants that have already begin to bloom? With lows dropping down into the 20s this weekend, you should take extra special care of them!

Credit: WFMY

Make sure to cover your plants at night with breathable fabric. Plastic will actually hurt them. Once the sun rises make sure to uncover them so that they can receive sun light. All these steps will help you keep your plants around for the rest of winter, and Spring too...when they're supposed to bloom.