GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Stamey's Barbecue along Battleground Avenue in Greensboro is expected to reopen next month -- more than a year after a fire.

The owner's son tells us it closed for so long because the aged building needed a lot of renovations to be brought up to code.

He says they stripped down the inside all the way to the studs so they could rebuild a fresh, new restaurant.

They even added in a drive thru.

"The work's been good," said Craver Stamey, son of the restaurant owner. "Once you get into it, you really see how much it takes to rebuild a building and take it from the studs back up. We jumped through a lot of hurdles to get where we're at now, but we're proud of the building that we put together and we think that our customers will really like what they see when we open."

The Stamey's fire happened last June.

Investigators say it started when a drink machine malfunctioned.

Stamey says they don't have a set date yet for the reopening, but he hopes it will be sometime in the first weeks of July.