Ice is still a threat Friday, which is why most Triad schools canceled tomorrow.

When a district alerts students and staff of a cancellation, it's usually pretty basic. But not in Stokes County.

“I called school off tonight -- tell your kids they can sleep in,” sings Superintendent Brad Rice's latest school closing video.

For almost every closing this year, he's made a lighthearted video, explaining the decision. The videos get thousands of views.

For school superintendents, the threat of snow and ice put them in a difficult position.

“This is what superintendents in the state deals with whenever these fronts come in, you know you have some people upset when you call off and nothing happens, and people get upset when nothing was called for but something happens,” said Rice.

Rice has had to make that decision quite a few times. In the past two weeks, he's canceled classes five times.

“You have to make the decision for the safety of the students, and then worry about everything else later,” he said.

Rice tackles the heavy decision in a lighthearted way, by singing about the closing from the driver's seat.

“It's always funny when people come to my family and say, what's it like dealing with him when he so serious all the time? And they just kind of laugh and say he's very serious at work because he's got a lot of important things to think about, but really, he likes to have fun,” he said.

Comment after comment and share after share, Dr. Rice's singing snow day announcements have made their way out of Stokes County. But he's not planning a singing career any time soon.

“I had somebody tell me that he needs singing lessons, he can't carry a tune in a bucket. Well you know what - if they would like to pay for some singing lesson or buy me a bucket either way I'm fine,” he laughed.

Dr. Rice has been superintendent for a year and a half and he says the videos help him connect with the school community.