You want to know something, like a phone number, so what do you do? Call mom? Phone a friend? Look in the phonebo…um, Google it? Search engines are convenient and easy. Sometimes too easy.

Recently, Yahoo admitted every single account was hacked in 2013. Three billion accounts in all. Hackers didn’t get financial information, but they managed to take names, email addresses and passwords. So, that’s a lot of people googling for a phone number to call Yahoo Customer Support.

But surprise, there’s a ton of fake numbers online when you try to Google 'Yahoo customer support.'

We talked to Lechelle Yates, with the Better Business Bureau of Greensboro. Turns out, not only are these numbers fake, but customers shouldn’t try to call Yahoo in the first place.

“They’re going to get a whole list of customer support numbers. But, none of those numbers actually take you to Yahoo. You can’t call Yahoo at all,” explained Yates.

Yep, there’s no way to call Yahoo Customer Support, because a phone number doesn’t exist. Yahoo takes complaints via email and social media.

In fact, the BBB called one of the fake numbers that popped up in a search. The result?

“It actually takes you to a company that tries to sell you computer protection services,” said Yates. “And we were asked, 'where are you located?' and she said 'Texas'. We asked what city and she couldn’t say and hung up.”

Of course, this is confusing, since the fake websites said the number is for Yahoo customer service. But, luckily, if you do Google, 'Yahoo, customer service and phone number,' the first listing on the page is a warning from Yahoo themselves, reminding customers they do NOT have a customer service phone number.

Also, make sure to watch out for emails. While Yahoo will email a customer, they will never provide a link in the email for you to click on. If you get an email from someone claiming to be Yahoo and there is a link attached for you to click on, beware! More than likely, it’s a virus.