GREENSBORO, NC -- If you're a star gazer, tonight's your kind of night. Clear skies over North Carolina will make for good viewing of the Super Blue Blood Moon. But what is it? Allow us to explain.

There are three different things happening with the moon tonight; a "super moon", a "blue moon", and a "blood moon". Let's go one by one.

A "super moon" means the full moon will appear a little bit larger than it usually does. You'll be able to see the super moon all night long. It will be bright, big, and beautiful. This happens when the moon is closest to the earth in its orbit.

A "blue moon" simply has to do with the calendar. It's rare, but when you see a second full moon in the same month, that's called a "blue moon". It does not appear blue. This is the second full moon for January 2018.

A "blood moon" is another term to describe a lunar eclipse. The moon can take on a reddish hue during an eclipse, which is where the "blood moon" name comes from. There will be a total lunar eclipse on Wednesday, but we won't be able to see it here in the Triad. Instead, we will get a brief view of the partial lunar eclipse.

If you'd like to see the partial lunar eclipse, look to the western sky before sunrise. At 6:48am, the partial lunar eclipse will begin. Our best view will happen at 7:10 as the moon is very low on the horizon. It will then dip below the horizon, ending our view.

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