Even though the Philadelphia Eagles are the new super bowl champions, it’s Giselle Bundchen who’s making headlines after comforting her three young children when their dad’s team lost the championship game.

Gisele said, “Sometimes you have to let other people win”. Whoa. The Patriots didn’t let the Eagles win. The Eagles outplayed the Patriots for the win. There’s a distinction.

When you say “let” – it means you’re allowing something to happen. Again, the Patriots to let the Eagles win. The Eagles won because they played a better game. Saying that you "let" someone win then you're taking a pot shot at the winners. You're discounting their talent and skill set. It’s better stated that the Eagles won because they played great. It doesn’t mean that daddy’s team isn’t good. It means that they weren’t good enough last night to win.

The message kids need to hear is that even when you give it your all, you still might come up short. You might lose. It’s part of life. But, it’s the persistence and tenacity to keeping pushing forward that gives you a winning mindset. And this perspective of never giving up is the lesson for kids.

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