GREENSBORO, N.C. — Sergeant Kiran Morrison of the United States Marine Corps made his way home Tuesday and back into the loving arms of his mother and two younger sisters.

"It meant a lot. I know she's going to be there when nobody else is," said Morrison.

The emotions were overwhelming for Morrison's mother, Lakisha Tucker, who cried as soon as she got the first hug.

"Oh man. It almost felt like December 6, 1995, all over again," said Tucker.

December 6 is Morrison's birthday.

Tucker has always called Morrison her "Sun," not just her son. She wanted him to know how special he is to her, so she called WFMY News 2 and informed us of his arrival. She also invited us to be there with our camera rolling if we wanted, as she welcomed him back home.

"Every hero should have a finale and this is the only thing you would allow me to do you said no big parties," Tucker joked.

Morrison has been a marine since 2015. He's been in Okinawa Japan, Hawaii, and of course a little closer to home at Parris Island and Camp LeJune.

As we all know though, nothing is quite like home.

The first thing Morrison says he plans to do? 

Get some North Carolina Bojangles of course.