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The Art In Going To The Bathroom Is Written All Over The Stalls

This is a not gross bathroom story. Trust me. It's more of a bathroom love story.

This is a not gross bathroom story. Trust me. It's more of a bathroom love story.

Bathrooms around the First Coast are getting a makeover all in the name of making Jacksonville a more beautiful place.

Lizz Farhat Chester has always done calligraphy and painting. She remembers her father's impeccable penmanship instilling a love of the art in her.

"He did Arabic calligraphy and he had beautiful handwriting," she said. "So he was very into it and when I was younger he would buy me calligraphy pens and teach me how to write with them. I feel like that is what got me interested in just the letter form and handwriting and lettering in itself."

Lizz letters things as a side business to her full-time job as an art director at a company. She does things for weddings and businesses around Jacksonville -- projects big and small.

The idea of beautifying bathrooms came from a Facebook post.

"I saw a Facebook post from a school in Texas where parents and teachers had gotten together over the weekend and they did this in their school and I thought, I could do that here in Jacksonville if someone wants!"

She does all the painting for free to give back to the community she grew up in.

Lizz likes to jump right in but admits her haste and aversion to using a ruler to measure can put her in a pickle sometimes.

"If something is not centered fully then I can add flowers or stars or some kind of embellishment around it," Lizz said.

She tries to use gender-neutral quotes in the boys and girls bathrooms.

"High school is hard," she said. "And maybe you come to the bathroom to cry or you come in here to talk to your friends and maybe these can kind of help and inspire positive thinking."

She has painted almost a dozen schools at this point and she's got a pretty good track record.

"I messed up once! One school where I went into the bathroom and painted on the wall and I thought it was the girls' bathroom and when I walked around the corner I saw that it was the boys' bathroom!" Lizz said. "I went 'oh my god' and I had to paint over it with big black splotches, it looked awful! Luckily, the quote they picked for the boys' bathroom was space related so I was able to add stars and make it look like a space theme so luckily it worked out."

Lizz says the shocked reactions and the smiles make her feel good, but she wishes she could come like a ghost graffiti artist and slide out, unnoticed.

If you're interested in seeing Lizz's work you can check her out on Instagram at missfabulizz and on Facebook at Fabulizz Design Company. I would recommend that you do, she's incredibly talented and super cool -- I think we talked for two hours about art and true crime.

She is so backed up now with schools on the weekends that she has made decals that schools can purchase to put on their doors as well. She's sold them as far away as Australia.

If you want to support her making Jacksonville and the surrounding areas more beautiful she has a Venmo: @fabulizzdesignco or a PayPal:fabulizzdesignco@gmail.com

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