GREENSBORO, NC — In November, you'll have the chance to vote on several constitutional amendments if they make it onto the ballot.

So we spoke with Wake Forest University Professor John Dinan to get a break down.

He said, “Some of the amendments would add to the rights that North Carolina citizens currently enjoy. That would be the victims rights amendments and the right to hunting and fishing, other of these amendments would seek to resolve disputes between the legislature and the governor over who has ultimate authority. And then at least one of these amendments would take a current policy, low income taxes, and would see to lock that in and prevent future legislators from changing that.”

In regards to the hunting and fishing amendment, Professor Dinan said, “The North Carolina constitution has a bill of rights just like the U.S. constitution has a bill of rights and there all kinds of usual things that North Carolina bill of rights – protecting the right to free speech, protecting religious rights. This is a move to add to those rights, a right to hunt, fish and harvest wildlife. Just in case somebody might come in and try to restrict the way in which we trap or hunt, this would make it tougher to do that.”

To hear more on the income tax amendment breakdown and the Voter ID amendment, you can listen the full interview here.

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