GREENSBORO, N.C. -- The 2019 Budget Proposal has been released, and it makes some big changes to many programs -- while also making some big investments.

While there are some big investments in this Budget -- like the Department of Defense -- and a big push for Infrastructure -- so your car can have a nice road to drive on, there are also some major cuts -- to Student Loan Forgiveness... the EPA... and Food Stamps.

Let's talk about a few.

President Trump wants a 1 point 5 trillion dollar investment into infrastructure, which sounds great -- but if you dig a little deeper -- you'll find a lot of that money comes from Local and State governments -- some say this will be a strain, but the President says -- that is a good thing.

"It will create thousands and thousands of jobs, and increase training for our great American workers. It will return power to State and Local governments who know best, what their people need," said President Trump.

Now to a proposed cut to the food stamp program.

President Trump's budget would cut the program by 17 billion dollars next year.

The administration also added they want to see the food stamp program move towards packaged food delivery, instead of people being able to choose what they spend their money on.

As for the Opioid crisis -- Mr. Trump hopes to put another 10 billion dollars towards fighting this epidemic. One solution -- more clinics to handle the addiction.

Overall, it is a $4.4 Trillion budget, and here are some key points of the budget proposal.

The budget would add $984 Billion to the federal deficit next year.

There would be $716 Billion dollars allotted for Defense.

A $1.5 Trillion Infrastructure Program, but most of the money would for projects would come from State and Local governments.

The State Department would have 26 percent cut.

EPA spending would be down by 34 percent.

It would also get rid of the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program which is a way for students to have their Student Loans forgiven.