GREENSBORO, NC -- After several inches of snow blanketed the area on Wednesday, Triad roads continue to improve with two days of sunshine and warmer temperatures.

Crews were out and about treating the roadways with salt before, during, and after the storm.

Road salt is necessary to help drivers get around safely in winter weather but it can also lead to serious car troubles.

Road salt can get stuck up underneath your car -- causing rust and corrosion.

Scott Connor with Shine Shop Automotive in Greensboro showed us the places under your car where salt can eat away at the metal.

“Things like these bolts under here that literally hold your whole vehicle together, if the salt is allowed on there for a long enough time, it can corrode them,” said Connor.

Connor says if you don’t take the time to remove the salt from your car’s undercarriage, it could lead to some serious problems down the road.

“If it rusts long enough, and the rust actually goes deep enough, you can start to deteriorate whatever the material is including your brake calipers, your axles, u-joints,” said Connor. “There's all kinds of components down here they can get damaged.”

Connor says salt doesn't show up as rust right away. It takes time.

“It just happens from water and salt sitting there and allowing to corrode,” said Connor.

The key is to wash your car and pay close attention to the hidden spaces where salt can get stuck.

“If you have a pressure washer, you can get down there and spray degreaser on everything,” said Connor. “Take a brush and scrub it all out. Then take a pressure washer and get it all rinsed down and neutralized.”

It’s a lengthy process but one that Connor says could save you thousands of dollars in future car repairs.

“This is your second largest investment you will make,” said Connor. “You really need to take care of it.”

Even if you don't notice any damage from road salt, Connor says your car’s value could take a hit.

If you take your car to a dealership to try to trade it in, if they find rust and corrosion, they're not going to give you as much for that car.

You can also bring your car to the car wash.

Make sure you pay a bit extra to get the undercarriage washed.

It's best to wait to wash your car until all the snow has melted.