GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. -- Ten students from Guilford County School's Superintendent's Student Advisory Council sat down with WFMY News 2's Erica Stapleton to talk about what it's like for high schoolers in 2018. They talk about racism, threats on campus, stresses, how to de-stress and much more.

Ever since a video of a racist rant featuring two GCS high school students went viral on social media last month, the District's Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion has been holding discussions with students to talk about ways to unite students and heal from any hate and harm. It's worth noting the video was not recorded on school property, but it was still something that struck a nerve.

This week there was a scare at Smith High School in Greensboro where police say a gunman went into the school's cafeteria. Police arrested the man and staff and students weren't harmed, but again, it was something that struck a nerve. These are just a few topics discussed with students in a WFMY News 2 conversation.

The students who participated in the WFMY News 2 discussion (seated top to bottom, left to right) include:

Aidan Hunt - The Early College At Guilford

Trey Thurman - The STEM Early College at A&T

Emma Welsh - Northwest Guilford High School

Madison Maxwell - Smith High School

Rachel Lesser - Page High School

Alayna Parker - The Middle College at Bennett

Siarra Walker - Northern Guilford High School

Mackenzie Maxwell - Smith High School

Sydney Starks - The Middle College at GTCC

Sydney Barron - The Middle College at GTCC