GREENSBORO, N.C. — Greensboro Police say Brad Royal was the victim of credit card fraud and theft. 

Royal says he was enjoying his son's baseball game at Jaycee Park when it happened on June 15. "We were literally 100-feet away from the gate, parked on the front row. So someone, those people, were very bold and brazen," said Royal.

He said he left his car window open just a crack because of the heat, and that's how the thieves managed to break in. "It was very hot that weekend and we left the window cracked maybe an inch. Someone went into my car, and I guess they ran something down the window and hit the unlock button," said Royal.

Police are looking for two unidentified suspects.

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Royal says they spent thousands of dollars at both Target and the Apple Store in Greensboro. 

"The first place they went to was the Apple Store there at the Friendly Center and they ran through every single credit card I had."

Royal says they bought iPhone's, watches, cameras, gift cards and toys. "They ran my cards up to the tune of about 7,000 dollars," he said.

And here's the most confusing part. 

"Intriguingly my face was on those credit cards because they're North Carolina State Employee Credit Union cards and {the store clerks} clearly didn't check for ID."

Royal said Greensboro Police did a great job, and so did his credit card companies. The companies have since reimbursed him for the fraudulent charges, so now all he wants is for the criminals to be held accountable. 

"I felt victimized of course, I can't believe they broke into my car," Royal stated. "They clearly took our stuff and went on a shopping spree."

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