ALAMANCE COUNTY, N.C. -- You might have heard of skimming devices, but have you actually seen one?

They come in several different forms, and crooks install them on ATMs or gas pumps - to steal your information, and eventually steal your money.

The Randolph County Sheriff's office is one of the only places to actually have a skimmer in their possession.

However, they say some of the new ones they have gotten off the streets -- are virtually undetectable from the outside.

That means the little "jiggle the card reader trick" -- isn't going to cut it.

"These are actually antennas that are transmitting that information through bluetooth to another device where the scammers can actually record that information," said Randolph County Sheriff, Robert Graves.

Some of the latest Triad victims who were ripped off by skimmers live in Graham, and they know the hassle these devices can lead to.

"They can empty your bank account, and they're not going to stop until it's empty. They're just going to keep drawing, and drawing," said David Mays who lives in Graham.

David Mays uses an ATM in Graham 5 times a week, and he's concerned after a skimmer was recently placed on the ATM along South Main Street.

"Not necessarily do I feel unsafe, it's just the hassle that I have to keep that close an eye on things that should be safe anyway," said Mays.

The skimmer problem in downtown Graham started last month - and police say it's a difficult crime to track.

"To our knowledge as of this morning we know it wasn't on this morning. But it could have been on last night for 30 minutes, and hour, 6 hours, it's just unknown," said Detective Nathaniel Scoggins, with the Graham Police Department.

Graham Police are asking for any information so they can nail down a timeline of when -- and where these skimmers have been in the area.