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This is What Brooklyn BBQ Looks Like and the Internet is Laughing at it

Okay everyone, it's time to let out a collective "LOL!!!!" When "Munchies" tweeted this over the weekend, the South was not having it.
Credit: Twitter

There a few easier ways to unite entire BBQ-eating regions in uproar than to suggest the Northeast produces superior barbecue to Texas, Kansas City or Memphis.

When Vice's food vertical, Munchies, did just that on Sunday along with the saddest photo ever of Brooklyn barbecue, the barbecue-loving world directed relentless roasting at the Munchies Twitter account.

North Carolina senate leader Phil Berger from Rockingham County even got involved, issuing a press release calling for 'a bipartisan defense of our state's finest food.'

“Everyone makes mistakes, and it’s time for the writers at Munchies to admit theirs: ‘Brooklyn barbecue’ – whatever that is – won’t be taking over North Carolina anytime soon,” said Berger. “This is a fact on which we can all agree, and I call on Gov. Cooper and Speaker Moore to join me in mounting a bipartisan defense of our state’s finest food.”

The City of Greensboro Twitter account also got in a dig:

The sports world also joined in.

The Memphis Grizzlies' Twitter account caught word of the infamous tweet and fired off the perfect response. It was time to get the authorities involved.

The Grizzlies alerted the Memphis Police Department to look into this crime against barbecue. The department was on the case.

Someone from our #MemphisInMay Division will look further into this!

Let this be a lesson to never claim that Brooklyn BBQ is taking over the barbecue world. It won't end well:

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